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Tag: Africanized Killer Bees

What Do We Do About Africanized Killer Bees?

The idea of Africanized Honey Bees came from the right place. It was the idea that those bees from Africa would boost honey production in Brazil. They would be cross-bred with European Honey Bees that were in an apiary in order to boost honey production. The result was unfortunately a bee that was highly aggressive and territorial – to the extent that it was a danger to people. In 1990, the so-called ‘Killer Bees’ reached southern Texas and they began to exhibit their typical behavior which was simply to attack those who disturbed their nests.

Africanized Killer Bees will attack in enormous numbers. They react to threats incredibly quickly and will simply not give up when faced with a threat – they have been known to chase people for up to a quarter-mile and their stings, due in part to the huge numbers that attack, can be deadly. It is estimated that swarms have been responsible for up to 1000 deaths to date. By 1985 swarms of Killer Bees had reached the United States – and they are expected to spread rapidly.

The threat of these bees to human life is very real and those faced with a nest need to do something about it before they, or their loved ones and even pets are exposed to the highly aggressive nature of these bees.

To compound the problem of these bees, which can not be found in colonies across Utah, Georgia, and Louisiana is the fact that they are less selective about where they form colonies – when compared to the European honeybees. Any discarded tire, a crate, tree limb, or hole in the ground is enticing to the scouts of these bees – and soon that colony and the swarm will have made a home.

Removing Africanized Killer Bees is a job for specialists. For many homeowners, there is always the temptation to deal with any hive as a DIY project. The problem with Africanized Killer Bees is that, on the face of it, they resemble the honey bee that we are all familiar with. However, disturb that hive and things can go from bad to worse extremely quickly – and often with deadly consequences.

Professional bee removal services and exterminators are your best bet to deal with hives of any type. They can use pesticide-friendly methods of removing any threat to your family and pets. It is essential to know that Africanized bees are indistinguishable from normal honey bees – the difference is in their behavior. They will chase down threats and sting in huge numbers when they perceive a threat to the hive.

If you have taken the first step and bee-proofed your home by covering any sort of entry that the swarm might be attracted to you will have reduced the possibility of an infestation. However, when that hive has been established on your property it is always your best bet to call in professionals. These are bees that can expose you and your family to enormous harm – it is far better to err on the side of caution.