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Tag: Bee Pest Control

When to Call Pest Control for Bees

You don’t necessarily need to be scared if you see bees in your yard. Most types of bees aren’t aggressive, and they’ll only sting as a last resort. However, if you have a hive or a dangerous type of bee in your yard, you need pest control for bees.

The Risks of a Bee Infestation

Bees help the world in a number of ways. In addition to producing honey, they pollinate flowers and other types of plants. While bees are beneficial to the ecosystem, it can be dangerous to have bees on your property.

Some types of bees, like Africanized bees — often referred to as killer bees — are aggressive and territorial. While some bees will only sting as a last resort, these bees are likely to attack if someone gets too close to their hive. A few bee stings can be painful, but being stung by a swarm of bees could be deadly.

On top of that, it’s likely that the problem will get worse if you don’t call for help. Bee colonies can split, which can leave you with more bee hives on your property. Being close to hives is dangerous for children and pets.

Even if you’re not dealing with killer bees, it’s best to be cautious if you spot a bee hive on your property, especially if the hive is near your home. Don’t give bees the chance to invade your home. Deal with the concern as soon as you can.

Why You Need Professional Bee Removal Services

No matter what, you should never try to get rid of a hive on your own. Sometimes hives that look like they’re abandoned aren’t empty at all. There’s a high chance that bees will attack if you attempt to remove the hive.

On top of that, it can be hard to tell what you’re dealing with without the help of professionals. People often confuse bees and wasps, and you may not be able to identify the bees near your home unless you get close to the hive.

Professionals can take a look at the hive and find the safest way to remove it. The hive can be relocated so that the bees won’t return to your home. Your yard will also be inspected to make sure there aren’t hives in areas you can see.

What to Do If You Have a Hive Near Your Home

If you spot a hive in your yard, or if you’ve noticed a surge of bee activity on your property, you’ll want to make sure that everyone in your household stays away from the hive. You should keep children and pets inside until the problem is dealt with, and you may want to warn your neighbors as well.

From there, you’ll want to call a company that offers pest control for bees. A professional pest removal company will be able to find the best way to deal with the hive. Once the hive is taken care of, you’ll want to talk to the professional to find the best ways to prevent a bee infestation in the future.