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Looking For Bee Hive Removal Services?

Beehive removal is a term that is used to describe the action of resolving a bee problem. In fact, when people have unwanted bees on their properties, they usually look for pest control, beekeeping, or bee hive removal services in town to get rid of bees from their garden. There are different types of ways of performing bee removal. The service can be broken down into two main categories such as live bee removal and bee removal through elimination. This article provides information on the different types of bee hive removal services in the market today.

Live bee removal can be broken down into different other categories such as:

. Live bee removal without pesticides – Although most companies claim to remove bees alive, it doesn’t always mean the bees would survive after the removal process. These companies use shop vacs or vacuums that aren’t modified to be gentle to suck up the bees into the chamber of the vacuum. The problem with this method is most bees get injured while sucking up into the vacuum. Only a fraction of the bees will survive in this method. The entire colony can die off over time as a result of this method. Hence, it isn’t a humane method of removing bees from your property.

. Live bee removal – Catch and release – In this method, bees are removed alive in a humane manner. But they are not cared for or looked after afterward. Service providers that perform this method don’t have places to relocate the bees. They will remove the bees humanely but may dump them illegally in some other place.

. Live bee removal with relocation – This service is provided by companies that remove bees humanely and relocate them to a bee hive box. The bees aren’t illegally dumped in some other land in this method. The problem with this method is the bees are left alone after the relocation and not cared for afterward. Even though this type of bee removal is better than the previous methods, it isn’t the best way to remove bees from a property.

. Live bee removal with relocation and caretaking – This is the best form of humane bee removal method. The bees will be removed humanely and taken to an apiary, farm, or beekeeper for caretaking. The beekeeper will perform regular inspections to make sure the bees are in good health afterward. They will provide water and food if not available by nature.

Bee removal through elimination is quite different from live bee removal. In this type of method, the bees are eradicated from your property. This method involves the use of pesticides to ensure human safety in the removal process.

The type of bee removal method practiced by the service provider may mostly depend on the type of bee problem you are having. If the bees on your property can be removed alive, choosing a live bee removal service in the best and most humane method to get rid of bees.